in our Research Project


Aikido in the Schools is conducting research on the effects of Aikido on

the development of Emotional Intelligence in children. (Please feel free to

distribute the link to others who might be interested...Thanks).

The following survey was created by professional researchers, run as a

pilot last spring, and modified into its current form. The necessary IRB

legal paperwork will be automatically handled when the parent/guardian clicks on the "agree" button on the first page.

We hope that you will be willing and able to distribute this to the

parents of children in your Aikido programs. They are asked to read and agree to participate (first page), fill in all of the questions, and repeat the

survey again after taking the aikido program.

If we can get a sufficient sample size (minimum 250), we should be able

to see a pattern emerge.

Once we have crunched the numbers, the results will be made available to

all of you, and you will be free to use them in promoting your Aikido

kids programs.

Thank you for your support and participation.


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